Exhibits: Hidden Truths

Courtney Brooks, curator of "Hidden Truths." (Photo credit: Natassha Chambliss)

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Before COVID-19, Brooks was named the first curator in residence for the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine, which features the work of hundreds of visual artists, performers and musicians spanning  12 miles along the 22-mile Atlanta BeltLine corridor and touching almost 20 intown communities. As an advocate and contributing player in not only the arts community, but also Atlanta as a whole, she explained the goal of the “Hidden Truths" exhibit is to highlight Black artists' voices through their creative process.

"As we continue to retain our subconscious minds at a soul level, we learn to control our emotions and yet be present with [them] at the same time," she explained. "This is a reminder that art is therapy. Art is meditation. Art is prayer.”

"Hidden Truths: Group Exhibition Exploring Shadow Work" is on display through March 6, 2021. Film screenings from local filmmakers Emef Griffin, Melissa Alexander, Olamma, Oparah and Arshley Emile surrounding shadow work, also will take place throughout the space.

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Check out the gallery of photos below from the exhibit, which continues through March 6.

"Hidden Truths" exhibition banner by Rovelle Williams (Photo credit: Norman Johnson)

It’s been about a year since the last major urban fine arts exhibit was held in Atlanta. The pandemic has shut down many events, yet the arts community continues to thrive.

Fourteen Atlanta artists are sharing personal works in a new group exhibition that opened this month titled "Hidden Truths." The exhibition asks two questions: "How did you deal with your mental health?" and "How do you define shadow work?" According to the exhibit's curator, Courtney Brooks, shadow work is an examination of the inner self and an acknowledgment of the flaws that we may carry.

"Hidden Truths" is on display at the Hidden Gallery at Peter Street Station in Atlanta's Castleberry Hill Arts District. Despite opening to a masked crowd on Feb. 12, 2021, the audience remained excited throughout the event, with DJ Tyler Prince setting the mood with collective classics and cutting-edge music.

“Although many have thrived during this ongoing pandemic, it is important to focus on what helped us survive through the dark spaces that we find ourselves in at times,” Brooks said. “Topics covering soul care and healing, impostor syndrome, the journey of discovering how to forgive and hold ourselves accountable for our toxic behaviors. Instead of running from these thoughts, the challenge is for artists to focus and explore conceptual art in various mediums that will create work that is impactful and truthful.

“Featuring dope artists like Miya Bailey, Rita P. Harper, Sean Fahie, Uncle Bree and Jonathan Banks to name a few, did not hesitate in sharing their message behind the work. Some include photography, self-portraits dealing with depression, self-sabotage, and forgiveness, while others lean towards a healing space, reflection, prayer and understanding the importance of boundaries.”

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