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Collective Art is a full service online magazine headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Our publication company handles all things creative: traditional art, music, and advertising campaigns.  

We take pride in being an all inclusive site that offers a community for not just our clients, but our visitors as well. Whether you're here to have your brand promoted by our team or if you're just here to read our articles, we welcome you all!  

Inspired by our family's creative giant General Johnson, a Grammy award winning singer, we set out to create a platform that reflects the current art and entertainment industry.  

Created and founded by the Johnson family, each of us play a unique role in the day to day of our business. Norman Johnson, Sterling Reed-Johnson, Spencer Reed-Johnson, and Makeba Reed-Johnson are the minds behind our site.

Feel free to reach out to us if you're looking to be featured on our site! We are always looking for new artists and entertainers!